Magazine Issue February 2006
Publisher's Letter

The need to innovate

Can the auto industry re-invent itself?

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Seeds for Growth

Georgia, The Peach State, is blossoming with opportunities for manufacturers. The largest state in the southeast, it is ripe with innovation, diversification and education.

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National Association of Manufacturers

The Gathering Storm

Congress must solve the asbestos litigation crisis.

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PRN Corporation & Forrester Research

Check it out

In-store TV sees growing legion of fans in manufacturers,retailers and consumers.

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International Association for the Leisure and Entertainment Industry

That’s Entertainment!

The family entertainment industry has seen many transformations since the 1950's but game remains the same.

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Washington Report

My Old Friend Gold

I ran into my old friend Gold the other day and my, he looked bullish. You know how it is... Read more

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Louisville Forge & Gear Works

Forging Ahead

Louisville Forge and Gear Works, LLC, left its namesake city a decade ago to be closer to its largest customer, Toyota – one of a number of moves that has helped this auto-parts maker adjust to changing economic conditions. William…

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Knife River Corp.

Rock Solid

Knife River Corporation, a subsidiary of MDU Resources Group, Inc., mines aggregates and markets construction materials including concrete, cement, and asphalt for the western U.S. markets. Barbara Kram reports on one of the nation’s largest publicly traded construction materials companies.

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Tarpon Industries/SpaceRak Division

Saving Spaces

At Spacerack the name of the game is to provide clients, from industrial to retail, with the solutions they need. To be able to more efficiently go about their business, as Lorie Greenspan discovers.

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Culture of Healing

A Mexican biotechnology company continues to develop unique products as it competes with cutting-edge global technology. Susana Baumann researches how PROBIOMED has worked systematically to reach national recognition.

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Constellation Copper Corporation

Copper Shines in Utah

The stars are aligned for Constellation Copper Corp. The Colorado-based mining company overcame significant hurdles to establish its first open pit copper mine in Lisbon Valley, Utah. Dan Harvey reports on how the company anticipates its strategic direction to pan…

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C. Cowles and Company

Lean Machine

Like a well-tuned car engine, C. Cowles & Company operates with optimal efficiency. Founded as a provider of hardware for the horseless carriage industry, the New Haven-Conn.-headquartered company evolved along with U.S. transportation needs to become an innovative supplier. Dan…

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Electrodos INFRA

Metal Bonding

The strongest, most well designed steel items would be useless in the absence of high quality welding products, a segment in which Electrodos INFRA has brought the possibilities nearly to perfection. Read on as Carlos Ponce brazes the story.

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LSP Products Group, Inc.

Seamless Pipeline

The LSP Products Group has a long history of innovation, starting with its founder’s invention of a better way to connect a washing machine more than three decades ago. William Bunch tells how this company is moving forward.

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Genlyte Thomas Group, LLC

Lighting the Way

Genlyte Group and its portfolio of leading brands are illuminating the market with next-generation technology. Lorie Greenspan explains how this company switches on the expertise to offer cost-saving and maintenance-free products.

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Schwarze Industries

Making a Clean Sweep

Lorie Greenspan discovers ways in which Schwarze has led the market in the design and development of sweepers, patching and paving machines that are durable and offer easy operation and low maintenance – and do these jobs quietly, to boot.

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Schwarze Industries

Making a Clean Sweep

Lorie Greenspan discovers ways in which Schwarze has led the market in the design and development of sweepers, patching and paving machines that are durable and offer easy operation and low maintenance – and do these jobs quietly, to boot.

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Vidir Machine, Inc.

Revolving Success

Manitoba-based Vidir Machine Inc. is a leading manufacturer and distributor of motorized storage, fixtures and display systems, specializing in systems for spooled products (wire, cable, hose, tires) and rolled products (flooring, textiles, paper) as well as other custom applications. David…

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Canada Colors and Chemicals Limited

Winning Formula

With 2005 Marking its 85th year in business, Canada Colors and Chemicals takes time to tip its hat to the people who have kept it in business – its suppliers and customers, as Pat Whiteman discovers.

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George Koch Sons, LLC

Finishing Touches

George Koch Sons is a leading designer, manufacturer and installer of complete paint, powder and flatline finishing systems, as well as industrial ovens, washers and acoustical enclosures and panels. David Soyka reports on how this family-owned business finishes thingsfor its…

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Harmsco Filtration Products

Pure Business

Harmsco, Inc. engineers and manufactures potable, municipal, ground, process, surface, storm water, and wastewater filtration solutions, specializing in pre-filtration for reverse-osmosis systems. David Soyka reports on how this company cleans up.

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Solvay Chemicals

Founded on Innovation

Solvay Chemicals is a leading North American chemical company, with a portfolio that includes essentials such as soda ash, hydrogen peroxide, sodium bicarbonate and fluorides, and specialties that include polyglycerols and calcium carbonate. It operates a diverse mix of businesses,…

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GKN Armstrong

Reinventing the Wheel

Higher steel prices haven’t been a major hindrance to innovative wheel manufacturer GKN Armstrong, which recently opened a new R&D center to help customers lower their costs through stronger wheels with less material. William Bunch tells how this Iowa-based firm…

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Aquatech International Corporation

Thicker Than Water

The adage “Blood is thicker than water” metaphorically implies the strength of family bonds. Aquatech International Corporation of Canonsburg, Pa. is one company that understands much about both forms of liquid included in the maxim: Dan Harvey reports how Aquatech…

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Bacharach, Inc.

Structured Analysis

Bacharach Inc. is a world leader in the engineering and manufacturing of advanced equipment for the measurement and detection of gases and liquids. The company’s extensive product line includes combustion analyzersand refrigerant leak detectors for residential, commercial and industrial applications.…

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Kaman Corporation - Aerospace Division

Rotary Motion

Kaman Corporation is a world leader in diverse operations including aerospace, industrial parts distribution and even musical instruments. Barbara Kram tells how the company's elicopter design innovations led to success.

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Value Through Innovation

Few companies can boast the kind of consistency that comes from Woodward Governor Company, which has had only six leaders in 136 years. William Bunch tells how this leader in energy control systems and components for aircraft and industrial engines…

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Laboratorios GRISI Hermanos

Naturally Balanced

Laboratorios Grisi, manufacturer of natural products for health, hygiene, beauty, and nutrition, with an international presence spanning more than 150 years, has gainfully earned a reputation that has propelled it to become the industry giant it is today. Carlos Ponce…

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Manufacturas TESA

Locking up the Market

Manufacturas Tesa is greatly responsible for the ease of mind in companies and institutions where trustworthiness and high-end security are needed to properly safeguard valuables, goods, or even personal safety. Carlos Ponce unlocks the story.

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Industrias Vassallo

Finely Crafted

Industrias Vassallo is the pioneer manufacturer and distributor of plastic pipes, plumbing and electrical accessories in Puerto Rico and has recently expanded to include an array of decorative and functional items. Susana Baumann reports how the company became a worldwide…

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Alstom Mexico

Trains and Brawn

Alstom is an international group with decades of experience in energy and transportation and has made significant contributions to the development of the electrical and transportation industries in Mexico. Ride along as Carlos Ponce narrates.

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Amtekco Industries, Inc.

Market Variety

By servicing the supermarket industry for almost half a century, Amtekco Industries Inc., of Columbus, Ohio, has helped change the ways that consumers buy and eat food. Dan Harvey checks out the company and considers its menu of product offerings.

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Buell Motorcycle Co.

Two Wheel Innovation

A motorcycling enthusiast since his childhood on a Pennsylvania farm, Erik Buell founded the Buell Motorcycle Company, Inc., an East Troy, Wis.-based subsidiary of Harley-Davidson that has created new markets. Dan Harvey tracks Buell’s path to success.

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Total Plastics, Inc.

Spectrum of Ingenuity

Total Plastics delivers performance from its catalog of over 5,000 items by guaranteeing the best materials and outstanding value-added services. Pat Whiteman reports.

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Parkway Plastics

Plastic Pioneers

Ever since the early 1950s, a small New Jersey company called Parkway Plastics, Inc., has been responsible for some important advances in the development of plastic jars and packaging. William Bunch tells how this industry leader is adapting to the…

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IPL Packaging

Re-making the mold

You may have never given much thought to what makes for a better plastic container, but IPL Packaging, Inc., a leading Canadian-based manufacturer, has done exactly that. William Bunch tells the story of how IPL researchers are making consumer packaging…

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Thermo Design Engineering Ltd.

The Energy Engineers

Specializing in the engineering, fabrication and construction of natural gas, petroleum and petrochemical process systems, Thermo Design Engineering has created a mighty nice niche for itself in the process design and system modularization arena. Pat Whiteman has the story.

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