Magazine Issue May 2007
Marco Roza

Survival of the Funniest

Competition, Chaos, Uncertainty Are Laughing Matters for the Brazilian Executive.

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Rediscovering Plastic

The last few decades have been difficult ones for Mexican plastics manufacturers. But these are new times, and the industry, led by the National Association of Plastics Manufacturers, is turning over a new leaf.

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Packaging Matters

Associação Brasileira da Indústria de Embalagens Plásticas Flexíveis, or ABIEF, the Brazilian Flexible Packaging Association, is making strides in letting the industry know the value of the package.

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The Brazilian Tradeshow

As Brazil emerges on the global marketplace, more American companies visit São Paulo to attend key tradeshows and conferences.

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Michigan Manufacturers Association

The Brainy Belt

As the former ‘Rust Belt’ seeks to reinvent itself and unbuckles the shackles of an old and tired industrial image, Michigan emerges as the state at the cutting edge of America’s manufacturing transformation.

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ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board

Standards for All

ANAB Accreditation Adds Value to Management Systems.

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American Pet Products Manufacturers Association

Pet Projects

Our pets are costing us a bundle - $38 million to be exact – and we are loving every minute of it.

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Manufacturing The Future

Mexico’s maquiladora industry helps to further growth in the sector. Peter Krupa reports on this dynamic contributor to the economy.

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National Association of Manufacturers

Out of The Shadows

India Emerges as an Economic Power.

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Jeffrey Sussman, Inc.

Supervising Matters


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OnPoint Consulting

Avoiding the Commitment Dip

Six Ways to Keep Employees Committed to Change.

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Motor & Equipment Manufacturers Association

Invisible Giant

U.S. Motor Vehicle Parts Manufacturing is Nation’s Leading Manufacturing Sector.

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Watt & Co., LLC

Under the Bright Lights

GE Pursues Excellence in White LED General Illumination.

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Pleasurecraft Engine Group

Strong And Seaworthy

Captain’s Log, 2007: Yet again, Pleasurecraft Engine Group tops a major marine engine customer-satisfaction survey. Dan Harvey reports how the South Carolina-headquartered company consistently ranks high on the nautical charts with its sharp focus on specific maritime market niches, as…

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Cesantoni SA de CV

Tile Beauty

Born in Zacatecas, Mexico, Cesantoni has become a well-known brand when it comes to ceramic flooring design and accessories. A clear business strategy brings constant innovation to a competitive high-end market where the public demands the best, and Cesantoni delivers.…

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Viquetas y Bouedillas SA de CV

Structured Innovations

A pioneer in the pre-cast and pre-stressed concrete industry in Mexico, VIBOSA offers the best options in quality and service reducing costs and turnaround time with its advanced technology. Susana Baumann reports.

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The Cutting Edge

HURTH-INFER has become an industry leader in Brazil’s automotive sector by continuously developing new innovations for high-precision tools, as Christopher Langner discovers.

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Solid As Steel

One of Brazil’s largest privately owned industrial conglomerates, the Delga Group produces stamped metal parts for the majority of Brazil’s cars, trucks, and even agricultural vehicles. Michael Sommers explores how the group has achieved impressive flexibility and growth without ever…

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Aerothrust Corp.

Growth Engine

AeroThrust Corporation is a jet engine overhaul facility specializing in the maintenance, repair, overhaul, sale and lease of aircraft engines for customers worldwide. Barbara Kram reports on the MRO's legacy of excellence and prospects for future expansion in its markets.

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Minera Cosala SA de CV

The Silver Lining

Scorpio Mining Corporation was founded to develop high value metal projects to realize near-term production potential. David Soyka goes underground to visit the company’s Nuestra Senora silver mine in Sinaloa State, Mexico.

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Compañia Manufacturera de Ladrillos de Monterrey (Lamosa)

Solid Networks

Grupo Lamosa, a Mexican company with more than a century of experience in the construction industry, has made significant capital investment to reach a world-class technological platform and raise productivity. Results are an outstanding value added product mix with an…

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Freudenberg NOK

High Speed Seals

A decade ago, the newly formed Freudenberg-NOK Brasil wasn’t leading any lists. Today, it is the number one producer and supplier of hydraulic seals in Brazil. Michael Sommers talks to president Jorge Rugitsky to find out how the company climbed…

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Universal Express

Protecting Baggage

Universal Express seeks to revolutionize traditional domestic and international baggage transportation via a worldwide unification of the private postal system with an outsourced network of multiple delivery options. David Soyka reports on one man’s vision about a more sensible and…

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Aar-Kel Moulds Ltd.

Breaking The Mold

Ontario based Aar-Kel Moulds Ltd. is celebrating 30 years as a leading plastic mold and die cast die toolmaker. The firm relies on cutting edge technology and commitment to a “manufacturing process” to remain competitive and increase its share of…

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Wheaton Brasil Group

Cosmetic Changes

Grupo Wheaton Brasil is not only 100-percent Brazilian (and proud of it), but is also Brazil’s leading manufacturer of glass packaging for cosmetics and perfumes having conquered a whopping 70 percent of the domestic market. Michael Sommers tells the story.

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New Holland Concrete

Block Party

From architects and contractors to everyday homeowners, consumers are increasingly looking for bright colors and exciting new finishes in concrete blocks, which is where a company called New Holland Concrete comes into play. William Bunch tells how this diversified company…

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It’s a Wrap

No matter what shape the product’s in, Standard-Knapp will make the packaging easy. Whether the container is round or non-round, the Portland, Conn.-based company will get it to the store shelves in the most effective and efficient fashion. Dan Harvey…

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AdelWiggins Group

Well Connected

The AdelWiggins Group is a leader in providing engineered solutions for a wide range of aerospace and equipment refueling applications. Barbara Kram reports on this world-class supplier of highly engineered products.

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Santa Fe Vagoes

On The Right Track

Santa Fé Vagões hasn't even completed two years of existence but it already has a prominent role in Brazil's blossoming economy: it produces a lot of the new railcars that are carrying everything, from iron-ore and soybeans to cement and…

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Hearth & Home Technologies

Where The Hearth Is

Heatilator®, the industry-leading brand of manufactured fireplaces from Hearth & Home Technologies, is marking its 80th anniversary this year by continuing to bring exceptional value to America’s homebuyers. William Bunch tells how this celebrated brand is teaching a new generation…

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Albemarle Boats

Smoothing Rough Seas

High-end boatbuilder Albermarle Sportsfishing Boats, Inc., steers a steady course toward growth despite rough financial seas and stays afloat with hand-made quality and attention to detail. George Lauer profiles a company born and based on the North Carolina shore.

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B. Grob do Brasil

Building Power

For the last 50 years, Grob do Brasil has placed itself among the most powerful companies focused on the production of special machines and machining centers in Latin America. Gisele Ribeiro reports on the robust story of a company that…

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Forjas Brasileiras S/A

Forging Strong Links

The name of the company is Forjas Brasileiras S.A. Industria Metalurgica. The founder’s name is José Adler. It was in 1952 that Adler undertook the enterprise of manufacturing grinding balls for use in the demolition of cement structures as well…

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Vicunha Textil

Fabricating Profits

Many North Americans may be familiar with the expression “as American as a pair of blue jeans,” but for those living south of the equator, blue jeans are about as Brazilian as one can get. Michael Sommers gets the low-down…

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Industria Metalurgica Frum

Leading The Way

From a tiny garage-based outfit to a leader of the pack, one of Brazil’s oldest and most traditional auto parts manufacturers is investing heavily in a future that will make it a force to be reckoned with both at home…

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Grupo Kits Parana

Seating Arrangements

Kits Paraná has evolved from making washbasins to furniture and became one of the biggest local employers in the process. Christopher Langner tells the story.

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Bergstrom Climate Systems

New Horizons

Climate control system manufacturer Bergstrom Inc. is keeping its cool as the demand for climate control systems in trucks heats up. George Lauer profiles this Illinois-based global leader.

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Ferrara Fire Apparatus, Inc.

Custom Responder

Ferrara Fire Apparatus, Inc. is one of the leading fire truck manufacturers in the United States, designing, building and delivering over 300 fire apparatus and other emergency vehicles annually. Click here to read the complete illustrated article as originally published…

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Komatsu America Corp.

Earth Moving Experience

Komatsu America Corp. is a subsidiary of the world's second-largest manufacturer of construction, surface mining, and compact construction equipment. Barbara Kram speaks with product managers from the company's Mining divisions in Peoria, Ill.

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Mikron Infrared

Infrared Vision

Established in 1969, Mikron Infrared has evolved into a leader in the field of infrared non-contact temperature measurement. Through the years, it has consistently innovated temperature measurement devices, temperature sensors, and calibration sources. Dan Harvey reports how the company is…

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Serfilco Ltd.

The Water Works

Serfilco, global leader in pumping and filtration systems, is ready for water duty. The innovative company is poised to provide large-scale potable water systems if the need arises. George Lauer profiles a growing Midwestern industry leader.

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American Augers

World Class Drill Team

A rented garage proved far too small to contain the innovative spirit of American Augers Inc. The Ohio-based company busted through the walls of its first home and grew into a leading international manufacturer of underground construction equipment, including large…

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Primed For Packaging

Rising from the ashes of a bankrupt factory, CooperCaixa has become a market leader in Brazil’s highly competitive packaging industry by redefining its business model in unusual ways, and by focusing on cooperation, innovation, and specialized services. Christopher Van Buren…

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Bardella S/A Indústrias Mecânicas

Industrial Machines

With close to a century of activity under its belt, Bardella is the oldest industrial machine and equipment company in Brazil and a leader in its very broad field. To keep ahead of the pack, visionary president, Claudio Bardella, not…

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Kostal Eletromecânica Ltda.

Mechtronic For people

In its 27 years in the country, Kostal has become associated with the newest, coolest electronic accessories for cars. Christopher Langner tells the story.

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B'laster Chemical Companies, Inc.

B’last It

There’s plenty to celebrate this year as B’laster Chemicals Cos. celebrates 50 years as a growing marketer of chemicals for home and auto repair and maintenance. William Bunch tells how this Ohio-based company is growing its hardware business while spreading…

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Specialty Industries

Packaged Delivery

Specialty Industries combines manufacturing and distribution capabilities to provide complete packaging solutions that fully protect contents while reduceing costs. David Soyka unwraps the story of how this company’s unique approach improves shipping and packaging efficiency.

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MWM International Motores

Engines Of Innovation

Not only is MWM International a driver of invention and expertise in the manufacture of automotive engines, it is a part of an international company that will help to propel the company to global fame. Lorie Greenspan tells the story.

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Metalúrgica Riosulense SA

Ingenuity At work

Metalúrgica Riosulense makes a diverse array of parts for the automotive industry. Christopher Langner tells how the company has become a leader in the Brazilian economy.

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Desarrolladora Metropolitana Demet

Booming Builder

Desarrolladora Metropolitana Demet is a leading residential housing developer in Mexico City and in the State of Mexico. David Soyka reports on this builder’s unique strategy that has enabled more than 20,000 Mexican families to own their homes.

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