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Chattanooga Manufacturers Association

A Past with A Future

Chattanooga, Tennessee is at the heart of what it means to be a world-class manufacturer. Here is where regional manufacturing got its start and here is where the industry continues to thrive.

Panama Canal Authority

The Panama Canal

Etching its Mark in World Trade and Maritime Commerce.


The Greatest Shows On Earth

The trade show industry is flourishing with more technology, and more ways to draw in prospective customers – all with the help of the Trade Show Exhibitors Association.


Machine Tools

The Brazilian Machinery Builders’ Association supports and provides numerous services for the 4,000 manufacturers it represents throughout the country.

National Association of Manufacturers (NAM)

Losing A Critical Link:

Chemical Cost & Supply Pressures Are Weakening U.S. Manufacturing.

Associacao Brasileira de Fundicao

Casting Commitement

Brazil’s foundry sector gets a huge boost from the constant attention of ABIFA – the Brazilian Foundry Association.

Diversified Investment Advisors

All Eyes On Retirement Planning

Manufacturers Raise Bar on Plan Design in Quest for Top Talent

NASA Headquarters

New Frontiers

NASA’s Innovative Partnerships Program Matches Technology Needs with Technology Capabilities.

Cámara Nacional de la Industria del Hierro y del Acero

National Chamber of the Iron and Steel Industry

The Mexican steel industry is seeing technical advances, continued consolidation, and increased productivity. Yet unfair Chinese competition and unhelpful national energy policies threaten to hurt the industry’s competitiveness.

NAM - The Manufacturing Institute

Steering A New Course

Central and South American Trade Pacts; Panama Canal Expansion Connect the U.S. To More Trade Opportunities

Stephen J. Cabot

Changing Corporate Culture, Increasing Productivity

Increasing employee morale and producing entails making drastic changes.

Aeroservicios Especilizados SA de CV (ASESA)

American Red Ball International, Inc. | Industry Today

Celebrating its 30-year anniversary this year, Aeroservicios Especializados S.A. de C.V. remembers the past and looks to the future. Peter Krupa reports on how this helicopter service provider went from a single bird to number one.

Costa Rica

China Rising

Costa Rica Turns Heads in Giving Diplomatic Recognition to China.


Filling The Gaps

Make the Most of Your White Space.

Conestoga Cold Storage

Coldly Efficient

Conestoga Cold Storage provides 22.5 million cubic feet (and rising) of highly automated cold storage for major food producers. The company provides a full range of services from blast freezing to warehousing to distribution. David Soyka tells a chilling story…


Advanced Materials Engineering

Taconic is a company whose materials are everywhere. A leader in the production of advanced engineered composite materials, Taconic has been able to grow through continued innovation.

Deacero SA de CV

Metal Transformation Industry

With an investment of $500 in the last year, Deacero is positioning itself to increase its presence in the American market. A 100 percent Mexican owned group, Deacero’s steady transformation and growth serves Mexico’s needs and 20 other countries’ in…

ABB Mexico

Robot Power

International engineering giant ABB extended its robotics division to Mexico in 1996 to serve the automotive industry that sprung up there with the passage of NAFTA. With thousands of its robots operating in the country today, Peter Krupa reports on…

Joalmi Industria e Comercio Ltda.

Outsourcing For Profits

“We make it well, so that we only have to make it once.” This is the motto of Joalmi, a major Brazilian manufacturer of custom-made tools for stamping as well as a specialist in cutting, bending and deep drawing of…

Mangels SA

Steel Service Center | Industry Today

Pioneer by nature, the octogenarian-to-be Mangels created the first Steel Service Center in Latin America 40 years ago and introduced anti-corrosive methods to the Brazilian market. Today, the company remains a manufacturing leader in steel, wheels, cylinders and galvanizing. Gisele…

Locweld, Inc.

Towering Strength

Locweld Inc. specializes in electric transmission towers and serves all utilities in North America. In recent years, the company has positioned itself as a leader in its industry by tackling some of the largest and most complex projects on the…

Budget Waste, Inc.

Trash & Treasure

Budget Waste, Inc. is on high growth trajectory to be the leading single-source provider of comprehensive waste disposal and recycling services in western Canada. David Soyka reports on how this company isn’t wasting time expanding its commercial, industrial, construction, homebuilding,…

Cobra Enterprises of Utah

Armed For Safety

Handgun manufacturer Cobra Enterprises of Utah Inc. believes that personal protection is more than just prudent; it’s essential. Therefore, the Salt Lake City-based company manufactures small, concealable weapons for the “average Joe.” Dan Harvey reports how the company serves its…

Industria de Embalagens Santana (INPA)

Paper Chase

Brazilian paper manufacturer, INPA, spent almost two decades selling its products to others before it decided to start making corrugated cardboard boxes – and, in the process, become its own supplier. Michael Sommers finds out how completely verticalizing its operations…

Grupo Delta

Concrete Resources

The Delta Group has been through many of Mexico’s ups and downs, but now with a steady economy and a booming construction market, this concrete pourer is ready to boom too. Peter Krupa reports.

Albras Aluminio Brasileiro

Lighter & Stronger

Albras Aluminio Brasileiro delivers prompt quality in every 22 Kg aluminum bar that is sold all over the world. Gisele Ribeiro reports on how this Brazilian company has provided a lighter and yet stronger structure in people’s lives since 1985.


Armed For Business

Brazil is one of the world’s top potential spenders. Munitions manufacturer IMBEL maintains a piece of this market while targeting exports and civil markets for its firearms and training services. Christopher Van Buren takes aim at this company’s double-barreled marketing…

ElDorado National

Going Places

U.S. owned and operated ElDorado National is the largest volume producer of commercial buses offering the widest array of selections – over 40 different models – in North America. David Soyka reports on what’s driving this company’s success.

Hackney Emergency Vehicles

America’s Rescue Leader

You'll feel safer when you read all that goes into the design and production of emergency support vehicles in the U.S. Barbara Kram talks to the industry leader.

Tippmann Group

Keeping it Cold

The Tippmann Group, headquartered in Fort Wayne, Ind. includes Interstate Warehousing Inc., which specializes in warehousing refrigerated and frozen food; and Tippmann Construction Incorporated, which builds state-of-the-art facilities for food storage. Barbara Kram reports on the company's ownership, operation, construction…


Aluminium Giant

As aluminum continues to be the metal of modern culture, CBA aims to serve the market with its massive mining, refining and production capabilities an integrated approach that few companies can match. Christopher Van Buren reveals the metal of this…

Grupo Piasa

Modern Sugar Mills | Industry Today

Using the most modern sugar mills in Mexico, every year Piasa Group churns out 440,000 of some of the highest-quality refined sugar in the world. Peter Krupa reports on Piasa’s plans to stay vital once the market is opened to…

Protexa Construcciones Terrestres

Construction Company Building the Future | Industry Today

With a vast amount of experience in a wide variety of heavy construction projects, the onshore construction division of the Protexa Group is picking up momentum both at home and abroad. Peter Krupa reports on the family-owned operation.

Concretos Cruz Azul

A Concrete Industry

For more than a century, Concretos Cruz Azul has taken the lead in the production of ready-mix concrete products. Jorge Fernando Garretón reports on how this company has grown to be a preferred supplier in the Mexican construction industry.

Protexa SA de CV - Industria

Striking It Rich

In the early days, Protexa used to buy asphalt from Mexico’s state oil company, Pemex. But now the tables have turned, and Protexa supplies Pemex with a range of services. Peter Krupa reports on Protexa’s success there, and the future…

Sargent Aerospace

Lean Flying Machine

Sargent Aerospace Canada is flying high over Montreal, a competitive aerospace industry hotbed, where businesses jostle for position. Dan Harvey reports how Sargent is rising above the fray with its corporate connections, superior machining capabilities, and strong focus on quality…

Grupo IUSA

Light Years Ahead

IUSA is a recognized brand name in electrical, gas and plumbing systems, and a leading manufacturer of copper pipes and electric wiring. Susana Baumann looks into the profile of a company that has lightened up thousands of homes in Mexico…

Astra S/A Indústria & Comércio

Building Accents

In Brazil, building or remodeling your kitchen or bathroom will likely mean coming into contact with Astra’s multitude of accessories, accents, and building supplies. From toilet seat covers to bathtubs, Astra’s products serve the market on many levels, as Christopher…

All Metals & Forge

Forging Resources

All Metals & Forge, LLC is an e-added-value service provider offering a unique combination of steel service center, forge facility, custom melt operation, custom bar producer and information services. David Soyka gets the latest download on how this company is…

ND Industries, Inc.

Secure And Fastened

ND Industries® has the market tightly in its grasp in the provision of state-of-the-art fastening and sealing systems. Spawned from a heritage of entrepreneurship the company is poised to tap into more applications for its products.


Wheels Keep Rolling

With the baby boomer set aging and the American family looking for new vacation options, Ameri-Camp seized the opportunity by offering a quality product respected by dealers and consumers alike and established a reputation in the RV market in just…

Airborne Systems

Top Flight

The brands that make up Airborne Systems, the industry leader in parachutes, practically invented the art of parachuting in the early 20th century, and now the firm is blazing a high-tech trail for a new century. William Bunch tells how…

Casey Systems, Inc.

Long Island Sound

Those announcements you hear on a New York subway platform, as well as the security cameras and other security systems, are more than likely the result of an innovative firm called Casey Systems. William Bunch tells how a Long Island-based…

A. Yoshii Engenharia

A. Yoshii Engenharia | Industry Today

Continually re-defining itself over the years has helped A. Yoshii Engenharia adapt to volatile market conditions and offer its clients stability and security in unstable times. Christopher Van Buren tells how this commercial and residential builder has become one of…

Silgan Plastics Corporation

Partners In Plastic Packaging

For 20 years, Silgan Plastics Corporation has helped its clients develop packaging concepts that compel consumers to pull products off of the store shelf.

FEECO International, Inc.

Fertile Business

FEECO International provides a range of customized engineering, equipment manufacturing and construction services for the power/utility, paper, fertilizer, chemical processing, mining and other related industries around the world. David Soyka reports on synergies developed from over a half century of…

Midwest Products Group

Midwest Products Group | Industry Today

Midwest Products Group is a parent company for several companies that make and distribute concrete block, segmental retaining walls, pavers, brick, stone & other masonry and landscape products. Lorie Greenspan ventures out to see how this company distinguishes itself on…


Stone Merchants

The markets for imported marble and granite differ greatly between the United States and Europe, but Brazil’s Marbrasa manages to serve both exotic and classic tastes, while always banking on timeless styles. Today, the company is poised for the next…

DuraTech Industries

Farm Fresh

When farmer Joe Anderson designed a modified tub grinder to meet his own agricultural needs, he set in motion the birth and robust growth of DuraTech Industries. From that one innovation, the North Dakota-based company developed a full line of…

Pinturas Optimus SA de CV

Paint The Town Blue

Even though it had 80 years of experience in the Mexican paint market, in a way Pinturas Optimus is just getting started. Mexico is experiencing a boom in construction, and paint manufacturers like Optimus are riding a wave like no…

Hercules SLR

Securing Business

Hercules SLR provides creative and safe material handling solutions for a range of industries across Canada. David Soyka reports on this uplifting approach not only to solve issues safely, but also to save customers money and increase operational efficiencies.

Jatco Mexico SA de CV

Smooth Transmission

JATCO Ltd, a Nissan affiliate, launched its Mexican arm and its first plant outside Japan – in 2003. Since then, JMEX, as the new company is called, has been a prime producer of the unique Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT). Lori…

Sea Box, Inc.

On Land

A company that started 24 years ago with the sale of one shipping container has grown into a major U.S. defense contractor. William Bunch tells how New Jersey-based Sea Box, Inc., became a Pentagon powerhouse.

On the Move, Inc.

Moving Billboard

On the Move, Inc. is the fourth largest truck rental company in the U.S., offering customers a unique ability to brand their vehicles to serve as highly visible, mobile advertisements.

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