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Port of Huntsville

Port of Plenty

Unprecedented Expansion Makes Port of Huntsville a Big Player Internationally, Domestically.

Petroleum Equipment Association

Fuel For The Future

The Petroleum Equipment Institute represents global manufacturers that handle every aspect of a fueling station, from making the nozzle to servicing the equipment, Lorie Greenspan reports.


Trading Partners

CAFTA is set to open doors for U.S. manufacturers as well as bolster economic and political freedoms in Central America.

DDI Asia

East Meets West

China Manufacturing Plants Adopting Western Practices

American Apparal & Footwear Association

Dressing The World

The American Apparel and Footwear Association leads the way in helping manufacturers find new ways to keep us all stylish.

National Association of Manufacturers (NAM)

An Escalating Crisis

NAM study shows escalating cost of doing business in U.S.


Environmental Frontiers

Waste, energy and pollution top the Agenda as Wal-Mart strengthens its position as a 21st century leader.

Barry Group, Inc

Make A Difference:


Crescent Fund

Positive Flow

What kind of financing does your company need ?


The Brazilian Move

BRASIL & MOVIMENTO S.A. has become one of the most successful companies in the Brazilian bicycle and motorcycle market. Tito Flores tells us about BRASIL & MOVIMENTO’s brilliant strategy for conquering prized space in this field from other powerful and…

HunterDouglas Chile

Blind- Sided

A Chilean subsidiary of the world’s market leader in window coverings and architectural products develops its own alternatives to respond to the exacting demands of Latin American professionals. Susana Baumann profiles HunterDouglas Chile, which has been assisting architects in their…

Forjafrio LTDA


Forjafrio Ltda. is the foremost independent company in the production of piston pins and ring rolling in Brazil. In business since 1958, this 100-percent Brazilian company has acquired its position in the market by conjugating the agility of a family…

Grupo Ragasa

Bounty Beans

Once considered a standard product, soybean oil is today competing at a premium level due to the innovation and technology applied by grupo ragasa, a company whose products have been at the top of mexican families’ preferences for more than…

Hi Tech Electronic Displays, Inc

Bright Idea

Hi Tech Electronic Displays, Inc. has been designing and manufacturing quality LED advertising signage since 1984, with over 25,000 installations worldwide. The latest innovation by this company looks to revolutionize the industry. David Soyka gets enlightened.

Setra Systems

Pressure Zone

Forty years ago, two engineering professors from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) developed a revolutionary transduction principle. Their collaboration extended into the establishment of Setra Systems Inc., producer of highly accurate capacitive-based pressure sensors. Dan Harvey measures the company’s…


Right To The Table

In a very competitive market, CINSA took advantage of a global opening to export its already successful line of products manufactured in Mexico. Sixteen years later, the company continues to create leadership and respond to any type of demand. Susana…

Murray Feiss Imports LLC

Big City Bright Lights

The Rise of Murray Feiss Imports LLC, a leading producer of decorative lighting products, proves that dreams can come true. It’s a classic American success story that begins in New York City. Dan Harvey provides the illuminating account.

Rio Sul

Jeans To Order

While dozens of Mexican textile companies have closed down, Rio Sul has become the leader in manufacturing denim jeans for leading labels. Susana Baumann reports on how the company succeeded against all odds.

Muebles Boal

High End Luxury

An innovative Mexican company that has carved its niche in the international furniture market is now looking to expand its operations. Muebles Boal targets a jet-set audience with taste and style. Susana Baumann reports.

Nebraska Boiler

Slow Burn

Nebraska Boiler has grown in 85 years from a home-grown boiler company in Lincoln. Neb., to the world’s leading supplier of packaged boilers. William Bunch tells how the company is now taking advantage of a 21st-Century oil rush.


Interior Motives

A Brazilian auto interior manufacturer expects a makeover and a takeover will lead to new international heights. Plascar’s 40-year march from start- up to $250 million public corporation is chronicled by George Lauer.

Denso Brasil

In The Drivers Seat

With a quarter century of on-site experience, the first Brazilian affiliate of automotive giant, Denso Japan,finds a successful balance between doing businesslocally and globally.

Coates International LTD

Engines of The Future

A small New Jersey company has been hosting visits from professors, doctors and engineers as well as the big three auto manufacturers. Why? Its proprietary product is being called the most advanced engine in the world. Pat Whiteman reports.

New Standards Corporation

High Standards

When companies want to bring complex product concepts to life, they turn to New Standard Corporation. Dan Harvey reports how the company routinely and effectively takes ideas from design to fabrication and production.

Sandvik Materials Technology

Steel Shapes

Sandvik Materials Technology is a world-leading manufacturer of high technology stainless steels, special alloy materials and advanced value-added products developed according to precise customer needs. David Soyka examines how this company shapes its business.

SMS Demag

Strong As Steel

SMS Demag Ltd., North American leader in the metallurgy industry, keeps strong ties on the home front while taking business global. George Lauer profiles a Canadian company with Ontario roots and an international future.

Paulo Products

Heated Business

Paulo Products has been in the heat-treating industry since 1943 and has become a distinctive company for its diverse capabilities and the benefits it offers its extensive customer base. Lorie Greenspan profiles this unique family-run business.


Think Tanks

For four generations the Amthor family has run the company that bears its name and has become a leader in the construction and distribution of tankers for many diverse applications. Lorie Greenspan profiles a company that has learned to think…

Cirrus Design Corporation

Feel The Freedom

Think flying is a bit too complicated to learn and a tad too expensive? Think again. Cirrus makes its customers’ dreams of flying for business and pleasure a reality every day. Pat Whiteman hopped into the cockpit with Cirrus Design…

Atlas Copco

Securely Fastened

Within the realm of industrial tool production at Atlas Copco there is an array of variables for which the company’s tools, particularly in the fastening segment, serve a world of good. Lorie Greenspan enters the shop floor to witness the…


Test Vehicle

AVL develops vehicle powertrain systems with internal combustion engines and associated instrumentation, test and simulation systems. David Soyka reports on how the North American subsidiary of the world’s largest independently and privately owned company in this industry is instrumental in…


For Life

A company taking full advantage of the NAFTA agreementlives up to the technological excellence of its parent corporation. Medtronic de Mexico’s highly professional level has positioned the company among the best in the world. Susana Baumann reports.

Marmoles El Paso

Rock Solid

Once a preferred decorative material, natural stone is making a big come back and MármolesEl Paso is ready to take the challenge. Susana Baumann tells the story of a company that believes its future is written in stone.


A World Of Style

With 40 years dedicated to create products that satisfy its consumers in their every day lives, Vitromex is a leading brand name in North America in ceramic flooring and accessories. Clear management vision and assertive decisions took the company to…

Grupo Corvi

Super Markets

One of the largest groceries distributors in Mexico and the only one with nationalcoverage, Grupo Corvi is undergoing a corporate structure and business focus reconfiguration to keep ahead of the game. Susana Baumann reports.

Grupo Michel-Salver

Snack Happy

A visionary and dynamic Mexican company, Grupo Michel-Salver has expanded into multiple business divisions in four continents. Susana Baumann reports how the company keeps looking for new challenges and business opportunities to bring happiness to customers worldwide.

Hagie Manufacturing CO

Heartland Innovation

Hagie Manufacturing Co. is a true American success story, born from the mind of an innovative Iowa farmer nearly 60 years ago. William Bunch tells the story of how Hagie has become a global leader in high-clearance agricultural sprayers, and…

Cherry Hill Construction

Building Bridges

Cherry Hill Construction has made its market in the construction industry through its involvement in numerous construction projects. Lorie Greenspan profiles the ways in which this award-winning company facilitates growth and expansion in its region.


Filter Experts

MANN+HUMMEL Brasil Ltda, develops, produces and sells innovative solutions for air filter systems, intake manifold systems, liquid filter systems and cabin filters for leading automotive, agricultural, industrial OEM and aftermarket customers. David Soyka reports on how this company filters the…

K&L Microwave

Riding The Wave

K&L Microwave is a Maryland high-tech company with a talent for finding growth markets, from telecommunications abroad to protecting U.S. troops on the battlefield. William Bunch tells how the company is working to meet increased demand in a number of…


The Cornerstone of Construction

With over 50 years’ experience in the Mexican chemical and petrochemical markets, Mexichem has become a leader in Latin America. The innovative company is not only creating wealth but it also takes action for its social and environmental responsibilities. Susana…


Corrosion Busters

CorrPro has led the industry in the development of technologies that fight corrosion. Lorie Greenspan reports on this company’s commitment to battling a problem that companies have been fighting for years.

Elster Electricity

Create Currents

Boasting a century’s worth of experience, Elster Electricity LLC develops the most innovative metering solutions available on the market. Dan Harvey reports on how the Raleigh, N.C.-based company’s creative, unconventional approach turned it into a global force.

Turbine Generator Maintenance Inc.

Turbine Generator Maintenance Inc. | Industry Today

Quality, service, and integrity have made Turbine Generator Maintenance, Inc. (TGM) the OEM alternative for turbine and generator maintenance on steam and combustion units. Barbara Kram reports on this highly respected third-party contractor serving utilities and heavy industrial markets throughout…

Accellent Orthopaedics

Joint venture

Accellent Orthopaedics is a division of Accellent, a contract medical device manufacturer that also specializes in endoscopy and cardiology. Barbara Kram reports on the division’s firm footing in its market.

Aluminum Line

Aluminum Allies

For over 35 years, Aluminum Line Products Company has supplied the commercial transportation industry with a wide range of aluminum and other metal products used in the construction of trailers, containers, truck bodies, refrigerated bodies, and other specialty vehicles. David…

Moore Tool

Moore Tool – Connecticut company | Industry Today

Moore Tool is a Connecticut company that has always been ahead of the curve, establishing a reputation for precision tools all the way back in the 1930s. William Bunch looks at how the firm has been seeking out new markets…


Electrical Connections

BRASCABOS is the leader in harnesses for electrical appliances in Brazil. The company develops and manufactures electrical and electronic components for a huge array of products, from simple electronic nets to very complex electrical systems that are used in telecommunication,…

Cincinnati Sub-Zero

Icy Hot

This is One hot company that knows how to keep its cool. When temperature control is the goal, from keeping a premature infant warm to quick-chilling a solar panel to minus 300 degrees, Cincinnati Sub-Zero has the expertise and the…

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