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National Association of Manufacturers

Energy Consumption:

Don’t Blame The Resources, Blame The Politics


Ready for Take Off

The Airline Industry’s Bright Spot

Manufacturers Alliance - LNG Outlook

Igniting Change

The Evolving Global LNG Market and its effect on U.S. Manufacturing.

Why Change Fails

Changing Times

There are many reasons why change fails – and many more ways to fix it.

Golf In America

Four Hours And Counting

Independent Lubricant Manufacturers Association

One Well-Oiled Machine

Mark Devaney reports on the Independent Lubricant Manufacturers Association, an organization devoted to driving business for its members in the face of shifting international forces.

Valve Manufacturers Association

Controlling the Flow

The Valve Manufacturers Association is an entity born with one goal in mind: to advance the interests of U.S. and Canadian valve manufacturers.

World Business Council

Sustained Momentum

World Business Council for Sustainable Development represents “leadership for the common good.”

United Technologies

ERS IT Solutions – Infographic

The following is an excerpt from a recent speech given by United Technologies Chairman and Chief Executive Office George David to the World Business Council for Sustainable Development in Beijing.

Washington Report

A Long, Fraught Summer


Material Handling Industry of America

Material Handling Industry | Industry Today

The Material Handling Industry of America (MHIA) has helped to advance this $125 billion sector that helps to carry the world on its shoulders – quite literally. Lorie Greenspan takes a look into the presence and future of material handling.

Albany Chicago Company

Casting Profits

The Albany Chicago Company brings a half-century’s worth of experience to aluminum die casting. Dan Harvey reports how the company’s engineering expertise has placed it at the top of its game.


Rolls of Profit

British Columbian-based InterWrap has come a long way from its early start making sandbags. William Bunch shows how the company is becoming known for its innovative and advanced products, including a titanium-based roof underlayment that is taking the housing industry…

Burgess Norton Manufacturing

Production Powerhouse

Over the course of a century, Burgess-Norton Manufacturing Company evolved from a tool manufacturer to the world’s leading supplier of piston pins and powder metal products. Dan Harvey reveals how the Geneva, Ill.-based company forged itself a global reputation for…

Barna Log Homes

Home Sweet Home

Nothing like a log home invokes images of the American frontier – rustic, warm and filled with character. And nothing like Barna Log Homes fills the need for an authentic log home with all the charm and conveniences of 21st…

Embraer S.A.

High-Flying Success

Brazil’s aircraft maker is among the world leaders in private, commercial, and military aviation. Barbara Kram reports that Embraer’s executive aviation fleet, designed for value as well as luxury, is cleared for takeoff in a competitive market.


Making Tracks

Central Power Products provides a highly effective alternative to the traditional steel-wheel railcar movers. Its Shuttlewagon rides the rails on rubber wheels, a technical innovation that offers customers significant advantages. Dan Harvey tracks the story.

Bandit Industries

Chipper Bandits

Bandit Industries has chipped away at obstacles to grow from a small start-up to a leader in its industry, generating annual revenues nearing $100 million. David Soyka reports on how this maker of tree and wood chippers, stump grinders and…

Middle River Aircraft Systems

A New Thrust

GE affiliate Middle River Aircraft Systems (MRAS) has been designing and building aerostructures for decades, particularly aircraft thrust reversers. Today the company is developing new technologies to meet the demands of a changing industry and remain at the forefront of…

Grupo ACV

Steel Skills

In a cyclical market with deep valleys and high crests, Grupo ACV has created name recognition in Mexico with worldwide clientele. Susana Baumann looks into the history of a company that had vision in its industry.

Tensolite Corporation

Tensolite Corporation | Industry Today

Tensolite is a leading manufacturer of wire and cable, RF/microwave connectors and cable assemblies for the defense electronics, aerospace, telecommunications, avionics, computer/data applications, and test &measurement markets. Barbara Kram reports on the company’s vertical integration to get customers connected.

Yuasa Battery

Charged and Ready

Yuasa is the brand of choice recognized by motorcycle, snowmobile, watercraft and ATV enthusiasts to keep their favorite vehicles charged. David Soyka connects to how this manufacturer jump- starts made-in-America success.

Carlyle Compressors

Energized and Ready

the name Carlyle Compressors is virtually synonymous with the compressor industry, given the firm’s roots and long association with air conditioning pioneer Carrier Corporation. William Bunch tells how this company with a 100-year legacy is making history again with its…

AWP Industries, Inc.

AWP Industries, Inc. | Industry Today

Defiantly traditional when it comes to ethics and product quality, AWP Industries, Inc. places a great premium on uniquely American business values. Dan Harvey reports on how this approach has helped place the Frankfort, Ken.-based company among the top three…


Flight Plans

One of the largest and oldest helicopter services companies in the United States, Keystone Helicopter Corporation both operates a fleet of turbine helicopters and provides a range of maintenance and engineering services to OEMs. David Soyka takes off to plot…

The Tapco Group

Exterior Excellence

The Tapco Group has changed the way people think about home exterior products. Through innovation, the company provides products that look and feel like the real thing but lasts longer. Dan Harvey describes how the Wixom, Mich.-based company grew into…

Quality Screw and Nut

Holding Fast

At Quality Screw & Nut, quality is taken seriously in the production of fasteners for myriad applications. Lorie Greenspan traces the history of this successful company and also relates the reasons why it has become such a presence in the…


A step in the right direction

From its home base in Woodstock, Conn., Linemaster has become the global leader in foot-switch technology. Lorie Greenspan profiles a company that grew from humble beginnings into a valued player in myriad markets.

Hustler Turf

Cutting Edges

Hustler Turf Equipment, the company that gave the world the first zero-turn lawnmower, keeps on reinventing the wheel as it finds new ways to make the job of mowing lawns an easy and less labor-intensive experience. Lorie Greenspan reports.

Montana Tractors

Tractor Pull

There are few companies in the industry today with the influence of Montana Tractors, built on a foundation of knowledge and expertise. Lorie Greenspan takes a spin on some of the most well designed machines in the business.

Mitten, Inc.

Siding with a winner

Mark Devaney reports on Mitten, Inc. a privately held vinyl siding manufacturer that sets the industry standard in quality and customer service.

BMW Manufacturing

Driving Innovation

Operating at a “constant state of growth,” and introducing new Z4 and M coupe models, BMW Manufacturing Co. is speeding past milestones like they’re standing still. Dan Harvey reports on the plant’s latest developments, which include a major assembly line…


Staying on Track

In a little more than two decades, global off-road tire specialist Solideal has grown dramatically by listening to the needs of its forklift and construction vehicle customers. William Bunch tells how this company with an extensive North American distribution area…

Johns Manville's Engineered Products Group

Durable Bonds

Johns Manville’s Engineered Products Group is responsible for manufacturing an array of nonwoven and fiberglass products that go into myriad construction applications. Lorie Greenspan enters the shop floor to see the many advances the company has made.


Bedtime Stories

With the numberof Americans having sleep problems today, management at Comfortaire knew there had to be a better way for people to get a good night’s sleep. Susan Toth spoke to officials at the company to find out exactly how…

Jakel, Inc.

Manufacturer of Custom-Designed | Industry Today

Jakel, Inc. is a manufacturer of custom-designed, sub-fractional horsepower AC motors and blowers. Barbara Kram reports on the company’s global reach for customers including OEMs of HVAC equipment, appliances, office equipment, pumps and consumer products.


Lasting Prints

The image is everlasting – and in some ways you could say the technology from Reeves (also known as Reeves Brothers) has enabled this to take place, with its innovations in print blanket technology as well as in other engineered…


Flame Catcher

For over 70 years, Fireye has manufactured quality combustion control products for both the commercial and industrial markets. With more than a million installations, this company’s global reputation and worldwide market position is definitely scorching the competition. Pat Whiteman has…

Kraus Global, Inc.

Driving on Air

Originally established to serve the petroleum industry, Kraus Global Inc.now focuses on alternative energy sources. Dan Harvey reports how the Canadian-based energy corporation is helping the world become less oil dependent.


Performance at the Pump

The name Moyno is synonymous with the cavity pump, which was brought to the U.S. by Frenchman Rene Moineau in 1936 and is now a staple of municipal wastewater plants and many industries. William Bunch tells how this Ohio-based unit…

Greatbatch, Inc.

Setting the Pace

Founded by the man who invented the implantable pacemaker, Greatbatch has become well regarded as a manufacturer of critical components for implantable medical devices. Lorie Greenspan profiles Its continued emphasis on innovation.


On-site Expertise

IVEMSA is a leading company that offers a “soft landing” to those who want to start operations in the Mexicali region. Susana Baumann reports how this company is achieving international attention by offering excellent competitive advantages.

N.R.I. Industries

Ready to Wear

NRI Industries is the largest fully integrated processor and manufacturer of recycled rubber products in North America. In fact, it recycles over a million tires annually that it turns into more than 50 million pounds of product. David Soyka examines…

Southern Comfort Conversions

Hot Mods

Southern Comfort Conversions is the largest upfitter of vans, SUVs and pickup trucks, customizing standard vanilla assembly-line vehicles into limited edition personalized statements of style and convenience. David Soyka takes the grand tour with a company owner as distinctive as…

Cameron Valves

It’s a Gusher

Formerly known as Cooper Cameron, Cameron is the industry leader inblowout protection for oil and gas wells, just one of many products offered by this leader in oil and gas services. Ironically, the re-branded firm is reporting blowout earnings these…

Jetta Corporation

Still Hot

The Oklahoma-based Jetta Corporation has become an industry leader in the field of whirlpool tubs through innovation, including a unique design that keeps bath water warmer longer. William Bunch looks up close at how Jetta continues expanding its reach and…

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